Gives volume, lift, dimension, and life back to dull flat hair

Volume Perm

Adds volume and texture to fine limp hair.

Root Perm

Adds height and lift at the very roots of the hair.

Partial Perm

Adds volume and body to flat hair. Curls are added to either a few sections of the hair while other sections are left straight, or the ends are permed leaving the scalp straight.

Stacking Perm

Curls added only to the end of the hair. Suitable for those with single hair length and are looking to add more volume and dimension to their hair.

Spiral Perm

Extremely tight, cascading curls or ringlets. Look like tightly wound spirals or corkscrews.


Who is best candidate to do a Perm on?

People with thicker hair will take a perm curl better. Generally, perms work best on virgin hair or otherwise any undamaged hair. Test if hair is damaged by taking a few strands of hair, put them in a glass of water. If they sink, hair is damaged. If the strands float, hair is healthy. Advise with a stylist before a perm.

Can hair get a Perm if it's highlighted and/or colored?

Yes. However, wait at least 1 week after haircolored before getting a perm. And remember that you will now be doing double chemical process over each other and your hair might become quite damaged.


How long does the Perm service take?

2 to 4 hours. Depends on length and thickness of hair.


How long does the Perm last?

About 2 to 6 months.


How to maintain the Perm?

Don't wash the hair for the first 1 to 3 days. Condition curls regularly with a detangler. Blow-dry with a diffuser or air dry. Style with products that intensify or smooth curls. Trim ends regularly to avoid split ends and breakage.

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